Jointly developed by:
Higher Colleges of Technology Instructional Media and Technology Centre (IMTC/ACS)
Al Ain Womenís College
Al Ain Menís College
Sharjah Womenís College


This program will provide first year HD Foundations English students with alternative learning experiences using interactive multimedia technology. The program extends conventional classroom teaching by providing review and remedial opportunities in a stimulating game environment. 


Program Objectives

The material covered is equivalent to the current print-based units for first year Foundations English 070 with the exception of speaking practice, and addresses similar learning objectives in an independent, self-paced, computer assisted environment. 

The learning outcomes feature higher order intellectual skills such as problem analysis and solving and critical thinking as well as English language practice.  The programís blending of learning objectives within a game metaphor aim at increasing motivation and practical experiential learning within the target student group. 



Cyberquest Ė the story 

A discovery game metaphor is used to place students in the role of a relative of an uncle who has left clues about a hidden family fortune at the time of his death.  Students embark on an international search for digits to a Swiss bank account number.  Learning activities with appropriate feedback and rewards are interspersed throughout the program. 

Based on previous research and experimentation, an interface and production process has now been completed which will provide the modular framework for the completion and future expansion of the project. 


Key features
  • Self paced, hypermedia branching
  • Learning outcomes identical to those in print-based material
  • Minimum teacher involvement unless specified in program
  • Self assessment activities with feedback
  • Modular design which allows frequent and irregular exits and re-entries
  • High level of student control
  • Motivation strategy based around edutainment and rewards
  • Performance support through other links and resources
  • Frequent progress indicators and reporting capabilities to instructor
  • Extensive drills, practice and interaction

Integration into curriculum

Students are allocated a 2-hour lab block each week in the Foundations year. Presently teachers use this time in various ways that may not involve actual lab work.  It is planned to offer this program as lab material for review and remediation within the 2-hour block. The program is designed to be used independently and in a self-paced mode. 



Formative technical and academic evaluation has been an ongoing process, subject to trial and error and peer review.  A production template is being established which will simplify the integration of educational content and exercises.  Student trials will help establish program effectiveness. 

Summative evaluation will involve extensive feedback from both students and teachers. 


Cyberquest Development Team

Project coordination, multimedia design, 
technical direction and adaptation 
Michael Shaw, IMTC

Project originator, lead instructional design 
Tom Palaskas, IMTC

Content writers, educational interactions, story lines 
Linda Caldicott, AAW
Margaret Power, SJW
Richard Roshay, AAW

Authoring, programming, integration
Masood Sarkar, IMTC

Design, computer graphics and image processing
Susan De Guzman, IMTC
Sam Abraham, IMTC
Michael Shaw, IMTC

Digital video, audio and animation
 Claudia Griffiths, IMTC
Mahmoud Adan, IMTC
Michael Shaw, IMTC

Voices and Actors
Various staff members IMTC
(and whoever else happens to be walking down the hall)

Creativity and Hard Work
All of the above and more