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Utilizing educational technology tools


Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education 

Association of Web Based Learning

CanLearn - HRDC

Canada's SchoolNet

CANARIE - Canada's Advanced Internet Development Organization

CCT - Centre for Children and Technology

The Center for the Study of Technology and Society

The Council of Ministers of Education

The Canadian School Boards Association

The Canadian Teachers' Association

Canadian Universities and Colleges Listings

EDNA Online 
Education Network Australia 

Education Index
An annotated guide to the best education-related sites on the Web. 

This site offers a variety of options including sites of the month, a query search and an opportunity to submit a theme to Edutech's data base.

The Encyclopedia of Educational Technology 

IBM Learning Services Canada

ICLT 2000 - International Conference on Learning with Technology

Intel's Innovation in Education site

The International Artificial Intelligence in Education Society

International University and College Media Centres

The Node 

Office of Educational Research and Improvement
OERI strives to promote excellence and equity in American education.

Ontario Ministry of Education

Society for Applied Learning Technology - SALT

***Sudbury Catholic District School Board Teacher Resources Site
A comprehensive teacher support site developed and created by Michael Shaw.

TeleLearn Networked Center of Excellence 
Over 120 researchers from across Canada are evaluating the effectiveness of new learning models, analyzing the cost-benefits and social impact of implementing telelearning, and creating telelearning software prototypes. Education
Ask questions and read what the Education Xperts are saying! 


About Learning - From Funderstanding
Theories, influences, history, patterns, emotional intelligence, benefits, education reform and more. 

ALTAC - Applying Learning Technology Across the Curriculum

Association of Web Based Learning
Discussion forums on Instructional Design, and examples of online tools

Center for Research on Teaching and Learning (University of Michigan) 

Cognitive Apprenticeships 

Conversation Theory

Computer-Mediated-Communication in Education

Computer Supported Collaborative Learning Conference '99 

Computer Supported Collaborative Learning Theories
A brief introduction to each theory with hyperlinks to important papers and an interesting bibliography.

CSCL Bibliography, U of Calgary

CSCL - A brief overview & interesting links for further study

The Curriculum and Pedagogy Institute

Disadvantages of Problem Based Learning

Educational Psychology Interactive - Readings in Educational Psychology

Electronic Pedagogy

Explorations in Learning & Instruction: The Theory Into Practice Database The TIP database contains brief summaries of 50 major theories of learning and instruction.

The Five E's of Constructivism

Guidelines for Accessible Courseware

Guidelines for Developing Online Learning

Guide to designing online learning
A collection of ideas, tips and hints for using collaborative learning environments.

HCI Bibliography : Human-Computer Interaction Resources 

Implications of CSCL for Problem-Based Learning

***Introduction to e-learning
An online course by Michael Shaw (2000)
LOGIN: learning  PASSWORD: learning

Instructional Design & Learning Theory 
Sorting out the various learning theories and associated instructional design strategies.

Instructional Technology Links - University of Colorado

International Conference of the Learning Sciences

Interactive Media Laboratory
Applying experiential learning models stemming from the philosophy of John Dewey and connectionist learning theory.

An Introduction To Computer-Mediated Communication Pedagogy

A site devoted to inquiry-based teaching and learning.

Investigating PBL: A WebQuest

Journal of Critical Pedagogy 

The Journal of Pedagogy, Pluralism & Practice

Learning Theory and Research
Links concerning cognitive science, constructivism, experiential education, human computer interaction, learning theory and neuropsychology. 

Learning Theory

Microsoft in Education
Instructional Resources, Technical Resources, and more.

Notes On Active Pedagogy

OPAL - Online Pedagogy Academic Literature
An academic database of resources, articles, and websites that concern online pedagogy. 

Pedagogy in Practice

Pedagogy for Web-based Education 
A description of pedagogical models that might be useful in a Web-based classroom from WebClass. 

Pedagogical Resources - University of North Carolina

A Pedagogical Framework for Embedding CIT into the Curriculum

Pedagogical Resources

Principles and Pedagogy

Principles of Pedagogy and Evaluation for Web-Based Learning
In this paper the authors discuss issues relating to online learning environments and reflect on their experiences from teaching online.

Problem Based Learning Assessment and Research Centre, Australia

Problem Based Learning - Maricopa Center For Learning & Instruction

Problem-Based Learning 
McMaster University

Project ADEPT (Assessment of Distance Education Pedagogy and Technology) 
A project to assess what combination of technology/pedagogy/learner characteristics best enhances student satisfaction with distance education courses. 

Radical Pedagogy

Reflections on Constructivism and Instructional Design

***Teaching and Learning with Technology
Featured research and works by Michael Shaw

Technologies in Support of Education 
A historic article on educational technologies over the last 50 years from UNESCO. 

What do we know about students' learning and how do we know it?
From AAHE's 1998 National Conference on Higher Education.

What Does the Design of Effective CSCL Require and How Do We Study Its Effects?
A paper by Gavriel Salomon, University of Arizona, 1995.

WWW Instructional Design Principles


Association for Media and Technology in Education in Canada copyright resources site

Cable in the Classroom’s copyright-cleared programming for educational use

Copyright Crash Course

Re-use of copyright materials in courseware development

Use of copyright materials in teaching and learning


Animated Graphics for Netscape

Animation Factory

Backgrounds Archive

BBC Multimedia Centre

The Busy Teacher's Web Site

Clip Art Universe

Cool Graphics

The ultimate resource on the Web for DTP and graphics..

Digital Video for Multimedia
SIMA report

Educational Technology Links

Electronic journals relating to educational technology

Electronic Libraries Program

Finding a publisher for a multimedia project

Grabbing Web Images

A friendly step-by-step tutorial on how to grab images from the WWW.
Lots of resources and information.

HTML guides, tools and tips

Introduction to Multimedia
Includes tools and contacts for authoring.

***Introduction to Multimedia using Hyperstudio
An online course by Michael Shaw (1997).

Gif Animations

Guidelines for Educational Uses of Networks
U. of Illinois

Guidelines for Multimedia Courseware 
Developers in HE (Nottingham, U.K.)

Guidelines for success in image capture

Hypermedia and Multimedia HUMBUL resources

Hyperstudio home page

Hyperstudio guide
U of Southern Florida

Hyperstudio multimedia resources
Art, sounds, templates and more.

Hyperstudio tutorial

Free icons, animated images, cartoons, banners, graphical fonts, and backgrounds.

Internet School Library
Tons of links from James Madison U.

SIMA publications
Support Initiative for Multimedia Applications reports.

The Teacher' Website Handbook

MARBLE project
Courseware on the Web.

Multimedia Authoring systems FAQ

The Multimedia Centre
Warwick University Computing Services

Multimedia Resources

Multimedia sites: general, commercial, subject and media libraries

Multimedia ToolBook 3

Online Teaching: Tools and Projects

Photo Share

Quality Graphics for the Web
Excellent image manipulation info.

Roses's Animated Gifs

Sociological Information Site - University of Amsterdam

TLTP project TILT Multimedia group

University of Regina - Internet Tools for 

Use of Digital Images Resolution, colour 
depth, format and conversion

Video resources for HE

Virtual Free Stuff

Web Clip Art


Teaching and learning on the World Wide Web
The one computer classroom
Distance learning
Assorted articles and journals


21st Century Teacher's Network

The US National Library of Education  Educational Resource Information Center.

Authoring and Design for the WWW 

Classroom Today 
Up-to-date content that links the Internet to tvarious curriculum.

Computer Curriculum Corporation 
Pearson Education's K-12 educational software and services to schools.

Cool Teaching Lessons and Units

Delivering Instruction on the World Wide Web

Designing Web Based Instruction for Active Learning
Resources at Keele University.

Design of WWW Resources for Learning
A global classroom community.

Educational Technology Links

Education World

An on-line repertoire that provides assistance to teachers in search of new ideas to integrate in their daily classroom teaching. 

Effective Use of the Web for Education: Design

Electronic Collaboration: A Practical Guide for Educators

Environment: Limitations and Enhancements

Examples of Web-based course materials

Explore the Web
Sheridan College's cybersurfing site.

***Facilitating Information Communication Technology Projects
An online course developed by Michael Shaw on student-based Internet project work. Includes a tutorial on using Netscape Communicator, rubrics and more.

A fill-in-the-blank interactive Web site that guides you through picking a topic, searching the Web, gathering good Internet sites, and turning Web resources into activities appropriate for learners. 

Guide to Software and Techniques for Managing Web-Based Discussion

HTML guides and support

HTML Tutorial

Information and Communication Technology in Education

Information providers guide

Integrating Applications into the WWW

Learning on the WWW

Internet Enabled Assistive Technology for Education 

Internet Learning Resources

Internet TeachingInternet Teaching

Learners Online

The Networked Learning Community - Education with new Technology

Making Use of the Internet in Teaching and Learning

The NDSU WWW Instructional Project

Netiquette guides

New Tools for Teaching

Online educational delivery applications
A web tool for comparative analysis.

Papers on Using the WWW for Teaching

Putting Mathematics on the Web

Resources for Teaching and Learning with Technology
U. of North Carolina

Student Induction Site - TAFE, Austrailia

Teaching and Learning on the Internet/WWW

Teaching and Learning on the Web
Examples at Loughborough, U.K.

***Teaching with the Net and other Technologies (TNT)
A self-directed course by Michael Shaw on using the Internet in educational settings.

Ideas, tools, and resources for integrating technology into the K-12 school, classroom and curriculum. 

TERENA Guide to Network Resource Tools

Use of the WWW in Teaching and Learning

Using the internet for learning
Examples in teaching - Heriot-Watt ICBL

Using the Internet to Promote Inquiry-based Learning

UVIC - Teaching Canadian History Site

Virtual Blackboard
K-12 modules

The Web as a Learning Tool

Web-Based Courses

Web-Based Training Information Center

Web Instruction Resources

The WebQuest Site

Web Teacher
A must see for all teachers! 

The WWW as an Interactive Learning 

The WWW for delivering computer-based learning resources

World Lecture Hall

World Wide Web Courseware Developers Home Page


Diverse Advise
A 12-step tip sheet when using one computer in the classroom.

Great Teaching in the One Computer Classroom

Ideas for the One Computer Classroom

Integration Ideas for the One Computer Classroom
Lists resources to use in a classroom.

Managing ICT Integration in the One Computer Classroom

One Computer

One Computer Classroom

The One Computer Classroom
Shelby County Schools, Memphis, Tennessee.

The One Computer Classroom
Janine Lim

The One Computer Classroom
Short paper on the Internet in a classroom.

The One Computer Classroom
Good classroom management list.

The One Computer Classroom
Exploring management of the one computer classroom.

Writing in the One Computer Classroom

The One Computer Classroom WebQuest

Using the Internet in Elementary Schools

Student Projects

Kinder Korner
PK - 2

Strategies and Applications for the One Computer Classroom
Lists strategies and tips for teacher and student use.

Strategies for the One Computer Classroom
Short paper on using computer in the classroom.

Ideas for the One Computer Classroom
Ideas on room arrangement, management, etc.

Great Teaching in the One-Computer
Bulleted listing of ways teachers can use a computer.

Short lesson on using data bases in your classroom.

How To Cope
Ideas on how teachers use limited number of computers.

Planning for the Ultimate One Computer Classroom
A short paper on getting started.

Using technology in the classroom: the one computer classroom
A series of five ideas for effective curriculum integration of the one computer in the classroom.

Strategies & Applications for the One Computer Classroom
Discusses how to the computer can be used as a teacher tool and much more.

The One Computer Classroom
This site provides some info on the model and the management of a one computer classroom as well as some sample assignments.

Surviving in the One Computer Classroom
Many links to internet resource sites for the one computer classroom as well as links to some tip sites for one computer classroom teachers.

Using the Internet in the One Computer Classroom

Using One Computer in the Classroom to Teach
A workshop used widely in Hawaii.

Using Technology in the One Computer Classroom
Ideas on how to use your one computer.


ADEC (American Distance Education Consortium) 

Asynchronous Learning Environments (ALN) 

Distance Education at a Glance
Engineering Outreach at the University of Idaho. 

Dr. E's Eclectic Compendium of Electronic Resources for Adult/Distance Education 

Guide to Distance Learning in HE

Guiding Principles for Faculty
Indiana Statewide Education (pdf)

Institute for Distance Education 

Interactivity In The Learning Environment
An attempt to describe and analyse the function of interactions in Distance Education Learning Environments.

Just in Time Open Learning: Issues and possibilities

A moderated electronic mailing list aiming to provide a focus for online education and to act as a catalyst to promote online education. 

Program on Learner Use of Media

Teaching at an Internet Distance: the Pedagogy of Online Teaching and Learning
The Report of a 1998-1999 University of Illinois Faculty Seminar. 

Various links to articles and courseware on DL

The Web of Asynchronous Learning Networks 
Publications, on-line discussions, workshops, conferences, projects and more.


Active Learning journal issue 8: C&IT - Evaluating Learning Outcomes

American Distance Education Consortium - Courseware Tools

Classroom Resource Review 
A database of resource evaluations which provide information about curriculum and professional resources to schools throughout Queensland.

Critical Issues in Evaluating the Effectiveness of Technology
Summary of the U.S. Secretary's Conference (pdf).

The Dearing Enquiry into HE
Evaluation Projects

Evaluation Cookbook

Evaluation Studies

Evaluation tools

Evaluating Web Resources
Widener U., PA

A framework for evaluating the use of educational technology

How do you plan a classroom evaluation?

Online Education Delivery Applications: a web tool for comparison 
Learn how to evaluate and select online delivery software. 

Planning, Developing and Testing of Courseware

Technology Strategies for Academic Advantage

UNL Evaluation Toolkit (ELT Project)


Asynchronous Network Learning Magazine 

Australian Journal of Educational Technology 

Black Issues in Higher Education 
Distance Education Journal

The Chronicle of Higher Education 

CMC Magazine

Education, Technology & Society 

Educator's Guide to Evaluating the Use of Technology in the Classroom

Educational Technology and Cost Control

Educational Technology & Society

Electronic Journals Related to Learning Technologies 

ERIC Clearinghouse on Information Technology

Findings on Technology in Education 

From Now On 
Educational Technology Journal 

The Future of Learning: An Interview with Alfred Bork

Implementing the Seven Principles: Technology as Lever

International Forum of Educational Technology & Society 

International Journal of Educational Technology

Interpersonal Computing & Technology Journal 

Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks

Journal of Computer Mediated Education

Journal of Computing in Higher Education 

Journal of Critical Pedagogy 

Journal of Interactive Media in Education

Journal of Research on Computing in Education 

Journal of Science Education and Technology 

Journal of Technology 

K-12 Education Resources 

The National Teaching & Learning Forum (US)

Summary of Current Research and Evaluation

International Journal of Technology for the Advancement of Knowledge and Learning 

Technology Horizons in Education -- K-12 

The Use and Acceptance of Desktop Videoconferencing in K-12 Classrooms 
A paper on the support of distributed collaborative learning between K-12 science classrooms.


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